Should Small Business use Staffing Agencies in Chicago, IL?

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Unlike large businesses, small and medium sized businesses need to hire very few times and do not have a proper HR department. In most cases, the manager is the person who takes up the task of recruiting. Without proper knowledge of job market, the chances of recruiting the right candidate is low and smaller businesses put themselves at risk by relying on their internal staff to recruit the right candidates.

Staffing agencies in Chicago, IL could be of great help to find the right staff for your company. Here are some benefits of using a professional recruiter.

They Can Hire Faster

Though a small business owner may think they know about their business and requirements than anyone else, it is not true all the time. The job market and technology has evolved in recent years and the aspirations of the job seeker have also changed. Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming exceedingly difficult. Besides, bigger companies with their robust salary packages are in a better position to attract top talent.

Small business owners can benefit from partnering with staffing agencies. Professional recruiters are always recruiting for their clients, and have a wider reach and deeper network. The recruiting agencies also have databases which have active and passive job seekers. Thus, they could get you right candidates in less time.

They Know More Than You Do

If you don’t have an HR department or don’t have knowledge of employment law, your business could be at risk. One mistake while hiring or firing an employee and your company may get slapped with a lawsuit. Leading Staffing agencies in Chicago, IL are ASA certified which means they have the expertise to work with employees and clients within the boundaries of employment laws.

The staff of the recruitment agencies is Certified Staffing professionals who can ensure that you are always on the right side of Employment laws. If you don’t have an HR department, you can always outsource your staffing requirements to recruitment agencies that can look at all legal aspects of new hires.

They Reduce the Risk of Bad Hires

The impact of bad hires on the business is real and it can bring down the team or the business. According to the US employers survey, 27% of companies reported the true cost of a bad hire could be $50,000 or more. The costs of bad hire increase significantly with senior and important job positions.

Employees in small business are often required to don more than one responsibility as per the situation. The senior employees or managers are often seen managing recruitment. Since they do not have the expertise to evaluate candidates in right way, the chances of bad hires increase significantly.

On the other hand, staffing agencies are recruiting every day for their clients. From their knowledge and years of experience, they know what qualities are needed in a successful candidate.

They Reduce Recruitment Costs

Reference checks and background screening is a part of recruitment procedure. Your business might be required to conduct background checks and drug screening using third-party services. When you use a staffing agency, the agency would conduct drug screenings and background checks which mean savings for you.

The above reasons clearly signify the advantages of working with staffing agencies in Chicago, IL. By outsourcing hiring, the business staff can focus on more important business activities that generate revenue.


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