Specto Art Space Announces Photography Call For Entries 2017


With the date for the most awaited exhibition from Specto Art Space coming closer, the photography call for entries 2017 have opened up. The photographers can send their applications to several entries which include Featured Artist Call for Entry, Black and White 2017 and the Surreal Show. The event organizers would be considering all the applicants irrespective of whether the person hones up his artistic skills occasionally as a hobby or a thorough professional. This event is open to all and everyone has a chance to show their piece of art. It does not matter how much experience the artist has. So apply immediately to show case your talent in the exhibition. This is the right time for you to apply for the event as it is being held in Harrisonburg in the state of virginia. The people of Harrisonburg are great connoisseurs of art and they encourage anyone who does a good job in the field of art. Therefore, this would be a very good opportunity for all the budding artists to get recognized and climb up the ladder in the field of arts.

The artists do not have to worry about the costs of printing and shipping as Specto will incur all the costs. Therefore, in return, Specto expects 35% commission in case you sell any piece of art. All the artists can be confident of retaining copyrights of their works. Your permission will be sought well in advance for using your work in promotional materials to advertise for shows that you are involved in. Prior consent will be sought from you even for printing, distributing or selling your work. There are certain file specifications that the photographers would have to keep in mind before displaying their photos. The photographs should be in JPEG files only and should be of 1024 Pixels on the longest side. The photos should be 72 DPi and the size should be 3 MB or less. There is also a specific format for the naming the file and the artist has to name the file according to the format given. The artist must be having a print file that is large enough to be printed at 300 DPi in any of the dimensions specified. There are different deadlines for different categories and the interested people should make a note of it and make sure to send their applications well before hand so that they do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent.

If you are looking to participate in a exhibition,Featured Artist Solow Shows,Art grant and surreal shows, then spectoartspace is the first art fair offering free exhibition space to independent artists in Virginia. For more details about art grants for artists and virginia artist grants, please visit us.