Specto Art Space Call for Entries Art Virginia


Harrisonburg is always a favorite spot for people who want to hold exhibitions. The Harrisonburg population loves art and encourages all the artists irrespective of the place they come from. Keeping this fact in mind, Specto Art Space will hold an exhibition in this beautiful town in Virginia in the month of August, 2017. This gives the people of Harrisonburg a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best pieces of art and explore newer forms of art. Specto Art Space has currently opened call for entries art Virginia for artists under several categories which include Featured Artist Solo Show, Anything Art Grant, Black and White 2017 and The Surreal Show. Under the Featured Artist Call category, you can show your work through a solo show. The featured artists will get a month long solo show in their gallery and also online. You have the freedom to choose the theme and pieces that would be showcased in the international juried show. You can now spread your vision through your art. There will not be any kind of hassles for the artists as the management prints, frames and hangs your work on behalf of you. For doing this, there is no additional cost involved. Therefore, you do not have to worry about framing, shipping, deadlines and others once you apply.
This exhibition is open for all kinds of artists including photographers, digital artists, new media, graphic designers and video artists. The applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and there is no deadline for this category. Under the Anything Art Gallery there are no limitations and no expectations. Artists can display any piece of art and is not confined to just photography or videography. Under this category, the management offers grant to the artists allowing them to fund whatever they may desire. These grant uses Equipment, Supplies, Training/Workshops, Residency Costs, Travel, Tuition Costs, Books, Food, Vacation and None Of Our Business. There is no specific deadline for this either and the applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Under the Black and White 2017 category, photographers, digital artists, new media, graphic designers and video artists are invited. They can showcase anything that they want as long as it is in black and white. There will be different shows every month. The deadline for applications under this category has been extended to July 10th. The deadline for The Surreal Show has also been extended to August 10th.

If you are looking to participate in a exhibition,Featured Artist Solow Shows,Art grant and surreal shows, then spectoartspace is the first art fair offering free exhibition space to independent artists in Virginia. For more details about art grants for artists and call for artists virginia, please visit us.