Stockholm Intermingling of land and water


Explore Stockholm, the incredible capital of Sweden, one third of it is water, one third is city and one third parks. It is home to saffron and terracotta buildings and palaces, bubbling with rich energy and history renowned for its world class nightclubs, sleek design and edgy fashion.


Absorb the feel of Stockholm in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a living breathing museum, main city center, buzzing metropolis, crammed with sightseeing attractions, cafes and bona fide restaurants boutiques and souvenirs shops. Stockholm Cathedral, Nobel Museum and the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace should be prior on the list of sightseeing. If visiting during winters, do not miss the Julmarknad, a Christmas market, have an experience similar to a fairy tale.

Tranquil Oasis Djurgarden

Djurgarden Island is located right in the heart of the city Stockholm, drawing large number of tourists as well as locals because of its sights, parks, events and green spaces. It is perfect for a walking tour, you can also enjoy a ride on one of the old trams, while your way to Djurgarden Island. Adventure lovers’ can cycle down the forest trails or can take to the waterways by hiring a canoe. Open air museum Skansen, Abba Museum and Grona Lund amusement park are the major tourist attractions in Worldwide Tour.

City Hall of Stockholm

City Hall is considered to be one of the most iconic buildings of Stockholm, nestled at the edge of water and topped by three golden crowns. It features offices, assembly rooms, and offices, machinery of civil democracy and works of art. The noble banquets are held here, there is Bla hallen for the recipients to dine and Gyllenesalen is for ball dance. The walls are adorned by 18 millions mosaics, and viewing the city from the famous tower is like a treat.

Sky View from the Globe

Located on the southern fringe of Stockholm, the largest spherical building, Ericsson Globe is the iconic landmark of Stockholm from where you can have an unforgettable view of the city as it is 130 meters above sea level. You have to take a gondola ride of 30 minutes which departs after every ten minutes.

Stockholm Shopping Capital of the North

Stockholm known for modern Scandinavian designs, offers great galleries, and art workshops. There are 5 famous stores in the inner city of Stockholm, the furniture and artwork style in Swedish homes is identical to that of IKEA and there are many events like the Stockholm Furniture Fair are very popular.

Stockholm’s Winter Attraction

Have some fun at the ice rink Kungstragarden, one of the favorite location for ice skating. This outdoor ice rink is a popular spot during winters months, as the atmosphere is liven up with live music and there are stands offering all sorts of hot and cold drinks. Stockholm does not charge for fun, ice skating is free of cost in Kungstragarden, so pack your warm clothes and plan your day with your family and friends to this location.

Drinking on the Water in Stockholm

The most popular past time in Stockholm is drinking on the water. There are numerous pontoons and boats that host bars and restaurants. The Flyt is a popular summer haunt, which is a disguised pontoon and looks like an old steam boat. Malarpaviljongen’s pontoon is furnished with designer furniture and olive trees, whereas, M/S Greda is also decked up with sleek furniture and palm trees, Patricia and there are many more known for major parties on weekends and summer nights.

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