Things to be Considered while Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

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dedicated server is a type of hosting that literally dedicated for an individual owner’s use. The website owner has all the resources of the machines available at his disposal and can arrange the hosting environment according to his requirements. Dedicated servers are very much suitable for big set ups. For large business, that require huge resources dedicated servers provide the best hosting solution. Big business owners are opting for dedicated servers and so their popularity has considerably increased over the past few years.

Difference between Dedicated Server and VPS hosting 

The basic difference between the two lies in the allocation of resources like – disk space, memory, bandwidth and processing power. VPS hosting service divides the allocation of these resources among various users while dedicated servers make the user the sole owner of these resources. In VPS the physical server hardware is also shared by different users and so it is a cheap reseller hosting service when compared to dedicated server. But both dedicated VPS and dedicated servers have their separate field of application that depends on the user’s requirements. 

Tips To Choose the Right Dedicated Server Hosting

Before buying a dedicated server web hosting, some features have to be kept in mind as the success of your business depends on it to a large extent. Some things that are to be considered are:

  • Operating System – Always go for the most widely known operating system for your site. The two most popular OS at present is Windows and Linux. Choose any of them in accordance to your need.
  • Bandwidth – Dedicated servers usually have heavily loaded websites and applications. So they need broader bandwidths to achieve the desired levels and to strengthen the connection between the server and the user.
  • Up Gradation - A good dedicated server always gives up gradation options keeping in mind the increase in performance, storage and bandwidth. Choose a dedicated server with up gradation policy.
  • Security – As dedicated servers are used by large firms so they have to keep guarantee safe custody of data stored in the servers. They also need to employ various scanning software to keep your site free from spammers, hackers and other problems.
  • Support – The dedicated server provider must grant 24x7 supports all the year round. This support must be inclusive of technical, software and hardware issues.

Almost all the dedicated servers in India offer these features. However, as customers you need to make proper enquiry of the things that are included in your package.