Three Ways To Solve The Acne Problem

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There are so many things, which can take a toll on your facial condition and provoke acne. Inconsistent nutrition, ecology, too oily skin and other - all these make your skin less healthy, taking your confidence away. In such situation, you have no other choice than to make it luminous again. Check out these simple ways provided by the top specialists at the best barber shops NYC how can you resolve the problem and not just consequences.


#1 The healthy nutrition

All we know that we are what we eat and that our facial skin condition is a reflection of our inner health, so if you suffer from acne the main reason of it is an inconsistent nutrition. Avoid eating lots of sugar, fried, too salty, fatty, and spicy dishes. Replace them with super healthy green leafy plants such as bok choy, spinach, kale, turnip green and other veggies, which due to the high cellulose content help a body to remove toxins. It’s crucial because healthy body always means a healthy, clean, and radiant facial skin.


#2 Daily cleaning

It's not enough to rinse facial skin with a lukewarm water only. In such way, you only spread oil and dirt all over the face. Wash it with a daily facial cleanser, which you can find in any organic shop. Find one with no alcohol in its content, because it over dries the skin. Repeat the washing in the morning, during the day (if you’ll fill that face is too oily) and in the evening. Don’t forget to apply a daily moisturizing cream after.


#3 Natural scrub

Remove the excess oils and dirt from the face with the following natural scrub. Combine a ½ cup with a ½ cup of ground coffee, add two mashed pills of an absorbent carbon. Massage a mixture on face and gently rub it, wash it out with cold water. Even after the first usage, you’ll see the result - it will be supple with fewer acne (absorbent carbon open pores while the coffee removes all dirt and oils).


Stay healthy and what is very important - confident with a clean face without acne.


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