Top 6 Best Fitness Trackers 2017



Garmin vívofit

The Garmin vívofit again is the thing that we consider the best action tracker 2017 in any event in the top of the line classification. This is basically because of one element: worked in GPS. Therefore, the vívofit is most likely the best fitness tracker for sprinters since it's fundamentally a financial plan level Garmin GPS running watch. Past that, it tracks the greater part of the fundamentals and has different savvy components, for example, the capacity to control music playing on your telephone. It likewise transfers your cell phone warnings and is water safe. Furthermore, it has a worked in wrist heart rate screen, which is truly helpful for working out and for your throughout the day calories consumed numbers. On the off chance that you intend to utilize GPS at all for telephone free exercises, the vívofit is an executioner alternative.

Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge is without a doubt the most prevalent fitness tracker out there. Individuals cherish this gadget. It's in the sweet spot between looking awesome and having valuable elements. For one thing, it has separable and exchangeable groups so you wear it to the workplace with one band and after that swap out to a game band for the rec center. Additionally, it tracks steps, calories, rest, and so forth and transfers the majority of this data to your cell phone in the Fitbit App (likely the best fitness application out there). It likewise has a worked in wrist heart rate screen, which tracks your 24×7 HR and capacities amid exercises. The other pleasant thing about the Charge is that it shows your calls, instant messages, and schedule updates right onto your wrist. We are huge devotees of the Charge general. Fun truth: this is the gadget that Jeff's mother employments.


The Misfit-Ray is uber-shabby, as well as lovely darn polished. While it doesn't look anything like a fitness tracker—for the most part just resembles a chic frill—it's the genuine article in the engine. It tracks the majority of the essential action details (rest included) and has vibration cautions for call and instant message notices, move updates, and every day alerts. Considerably more, it's water safe and the battery life is around a half year! Oddball additionally has a truly decent portable application now. Considering cost and outline, the Misfit-Ray is a beautiful darn great movement screen. So This best fitness tracker tracks all days activites with calories consumed. To see more related data take after best fitness tracker.