Top things to do in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar Island is also referred to as the Unguja Island and is the largest and with most population Island in Indian Ocean. It is the place from which to enjoy the beauty of Indian Ocean, 25 km off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa.
You can easily get a Zanzibar airport transfer on arrival at the airport and then arrange with a tour company for Zanzibar day tours, and even get good Zanzibar apartments for rent if willing to stay for some time.
Here's a list of top things to do once you get to Zanzibar:
1.Take a dhow ride: Zanzibar's style cruise on Indian Ocean is done on a traditional sail boat.
2.See wild at the Jozani Forest and take the Spice Tour: Jozani forest is for nature lovers who want to sea birds and the famous Red Colobus monkey. Tourists also get to see cloves, vanilla, nutmeg and other natural flavors on the Island, by taking a tourist oriented Spice Tour. You can then arrange with organizers for Zanzibar apartments for rent.
3.See exhibitions at the Zanzibar National Museum: You will enjoy exhibitions that tell the history of the island archipelago at the House of Wonders.
4.Enjoy some culture at Old Fort: You get to see what Omani's built to protect themselves against the Portuguese. There are curio shops inside the fort walls.
5.Visit the slave market for the slave memories: The old slave market is a famous place knowing that around 600,000 slaves were traded from East Africa to Persia, Arab countries and Indian Ocean Islands.
6.Shop souvenirs and antiques: You can arrange with your tour company for Zanzibar day tours and customize it to go for shopping at the curio and antique shops in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. You get unique gifts to carry home, including the Zanzibar style wooden chests.

Remember, you can arrange with a tour company for Zanzibar airport transfer after or before making your way into Zanzibar.