Truck rental, finding a truck in the Middle East made easy.

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Latest advancements in technology has transformed the way we live we live our lives and conduct our businesses today. The emerging new technologies like mobile apps, Big Data, IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence) are providing various new opportunities to reimagine the hiring and renting trucks. This has helped the logistics and supply chain organizations to cut down inventory costs, reduce working capital, lower storage space, and improve speed to market.

Mobile apps technology has enabled the logistics organizations to the carry out operations remotely and not constrained to be in the office. Logistics managers and Fleet Owners can track their shipments on map real time from their location. Using Geo Fencing technology, Customers and Fleet owners can get regular, periodic vehicle arrival alerts before loading and unloading.


Finding Budget truck rental has huge transformative potential. Big Data, advanced ****ytics and Internet of things are revolutionizing the logistics industries. Logistics industries can monitor, track and store vital information from every truck like path, fuel consumption, number of stops, temperature of the container etc. Leveraging this data, they can make smart decisions and control a lot of these parameters at a central location.

The world of artificial intelligence is enabling the logistics industries to solve complex problems on driver allocation, vehicle positions and vehicle allocation. Machine learning techniques help in real-time demand-supply matching and efficient utilization of given resources.


Techno logistics companies like Trukkin are leveraging the above technologies to improve efficiencies, bring in transparencies, simplify the logistics process and Find truck loads in the Middle East region.

Trukkin has released the mobile apps and web portals for Customer/Shippers, Drivers and fleet owners. Logistics companies in the Middle Eastern region can now make use of the solution to improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Trukkin continues to invest in other technologies like advanced ****ytics, Big data, IoT and AI to help transform the logistics and supply industries.