Understand Overall Application Delivery Network

An application delivery networks(ADN)is  set or collection of technologies that ,delivered together,provide more security high availability and visibility.IT experts defines application  delivery networking is  the combination of WAN (wide area network )optimization controllers (WOCs) and application delivery controllers (ADCs).it ensure that applications are always secure, fast, and easily available across any network. Application delivery networks are also provide by some Content Delivery Network vendors.content delivery network deliver static content while ADN offers dynamic content.   Content of an Application Delivery Network   Application delivery needs one or more layer 4–7 switches, also known as a web switch  content switch, or multilayer switch to intelligently spread traffic to a pool, also known as a cluster  of servers. The application delivery controller (ADC) is assigned a single virtual IP address (VIP) that represents the no of servers. An ADN provides the merits of load distribution, high  capacity of servers, improved scalability, security, and more reliability through application specific health checks.They also contains application delivery controller and WAN Optimization Controller. The Application Delivery Controller is an advanced network load balancing solutions tool that fits in data center service in front of application servers. It serves to  sprinkling web traffic over multiple distributed application servers, so that no one server is flooding  by requests. Application delivery controllers also do some  functions such as server load distribution ,incearse scalability, security,visibility, data caching and compression, traffic shaping and application related health check. WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs) are typically situated at both the data center services and the client device. WOCs use some specific techniques including compression, caching,  protocol spoofing  to enhanced application performance. These controllers of delivery networks work combined to increase application performance including speed, availability and  improved scalability.  Application delivery network also provide efficient optimization of application data through various caching and compression methods. There are two types of compression are industry standard HTTP compression and proprietary data reduction algorithms. It is important to note that the cost in CPU cycles to reduce data when traversing a local area network (LAN) can result in poor  performance impact and therefore best way to only utilize compression when delivering applications through a WAN or  high-speed data link network.HTTP compression is alternatives and visible to the client.this are built into web browsers. Another compression technique is accomplish through data reduction algorithms. Because these algorithms are change the application traffic, they are similar and need a device to joins the application traffic before the client can receive it. So today if you are looking for application delivery network or network load balancing solutions, then contact us.