Using an Application to Make Interaction with Your Friends Simple and Quick

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One of the best things about using applications on your mobile phone these days is that you can interact with all of your friends that are using it quickly and easily. Not only that, but you can upload links, join groups and chat with your friends all on a single platform without having to worry about anything. Hastiv is the perfect application that can be used on both iOS and Android based phones, so go ahead and install it now.


Easy to Use


The thing that developers have learned is that users like to have applications that are simple to use and that can be used for a wide variety of functions. Hastiv is an application where you can share links with your friends, join in some like minded groups and even chat with your friends. Not only that, but you can see some of the links and other information that is currently on the top of the trending list, so you can keep up on all of the news.


Plenty of Features


There are a wide variety of features that Hastiv has that make it unique to other applications and only a few requirements. Here are some of the best features of the application, including:


  • Activity log so you can see who is interacting with what you post
  • Groups, events and business pages that are easy to view and use
  • Easy access for messaging with your friends and you don’t need a separate application for this
  • Instant notifications when you receive a new message or interaction update
  • Perform searches on images, videos, word search or hashtags


This application allows you to connect easily with your friends and family without having to install more than a single app. Make sure to check it out now so you can enjoy the easy to use app.


You should make sure that you are choosing the best application that can help you to communicate with others, see the latest news and more. The best thing is that Hashtiv can do all of this in a single application, which means that you don’t have to have multiple downloads for the same platform. You can also enjoy joining groups that interest you and doing various searches for different topics, images and even videos. Go ahead and enjoy interacting with your friends on the platform and chatting with them with instant notifications.