What should one look for in the teachers at pre-schools?

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Finding a pre-school that fits all your requirements  can be an extremely  overwhelming process for parents. Nonetheless, the task at hand is extremely exciting as it allows parents to discover the fabulous facets and dimensions involved in the upbringing of their child. Parents need to be confident about the decision they make for the children. But, how do you make the best choice?  Enquiry and research into the practical matters like infrastructure, fees, location, school hours, transportation matters the most while deciding on a pre-school for your child but equally important is the pre-school’s curriculum and teachers.   Parents play an active role in the holistic development of the child and share a dual responsibility with the pre-school in the child’s upbringing. Parents must therefore understand the curriculum that the pre-school offers and look for a pre-school syllabus that aims at developing essential life skills. Teachers are the backbone of any good pre-school and their contribution in providing a perfect nurturing environment is immense. And hence, parents would have a set of criteria that they look for in their child’s teachers. We list down a checklist for what to look in the teachers to arrive at the decision of selecting the best pre-school in India.   Qualified Teachers: Of course, this is a pre-requisite that no one would overlook. A pre-school teacher needs to ideally be qualified and specifically trained and certified in Early Childhood Care & Education (E.C.C.Ed) programs which gives them the fundamental qualifications to help your child in the correct manner. However, would give her the experience to handle children and implement the appropriate lesson plan according to the curriculum.    Training: Pre-school teachers must have gone under training to teach children as this would give them an edge in understanding how children develop and grow. Training helps them realize each child’s unique abilities help them learn and grow to their true potential. Teachers are required to update their skills and competencies on a regular basis to stay updated with the ongoing trends in teaching.   Experience: There is no replacement to an experienced teacher because she brings her wealth of experience in her teaching as well as in handling kids. Experienced teachers understand that adequate levels of patience and understanding is required to teach the high-spirited toddlers. Thus, a healthy mix of patience and a humour is essential to connect with each child.   It’s not only the parents who create an entire world around their children but even teachers who dedicate their entire lives to teaching hundreds of children. Therefore, select the right teacher in the right pre-school to gift your child a home away from home.