What Should We Do to Our Cracked Phone Display Touch Screen?


It sometimes happened that you iPhone slip from your hand and hot on the ground, with the screen cracked. What would you do if you crash your phone screen not purposely? Of course it is not possible for everyone to trash it and get another new one in Apple store. There are some measures and suggestions we should do to our cracked iPhone if it really happens unluckily.


Don’t ignore it, using a phone with cracked screen


Maybe you would say, there are people still using their phones with cracked screen and it is not a big deal. Actually, it is a big deal. A cracked screen can get worse over time, affecting visibility and even the functionality of your phone, and running your fingers and face across cracked glass is never a good idea, either. Plus, it looks terrible and weird when other people look on it on using.


In short, you need to fix your screen as soon as possible. While you wait for a repair, stick a screen protector over the top. It’ll protect you from any nasty cuts and stop gunk getting into your device too.


Get the manufacturer or store to fix it


If your phone is still in warranty, you’re in luck! Your manufacturer may be able to fix your device for you, although you’ll need to check that your policy covers accidents. Give Apple, Samsung or whoever made your device a call, explain what’s happened and find out the next step. Alternatively, take it down to your local Apple Store or Samsung Repair Centre and ask them to take a look. May be they will charge you some extra fee, but it is better than having your phone repaired from someone unprofessional.


It’s not the end of the world if your warranty has expired or doesn’t cover accidents. Many manufacturers offer out of warranty repairs, although these will incur a cost. You’re guaranteed to get good workmanship and quality components, however.


Claim it on insurance


This is only working on the cellphone with purchased insurance. Most phone insurers will fix your screen for you, although you’ll usually have to pay an excess for being clumsy. You’ll also have to send your phone away, so make sure you’ve got a replacement lined up. Purchase insurance for your phone will cost you extra fee, but it save you a lot when the unexpected situation happens.


Take it to a repair store


So you’re out of warranty and you don’t have insurance. Fortunately, you’re not alone, which is why so many phone repair stores have popped up over the past few years. A quick search should turn up loads of options in your local area but make sure you do your research before picking one. Not all repair stores prize quality workmanship (or decent parts) so check out other reviews before you leave your device in a store’s hands. You should bear in mind that having your phone altered by a third party will void some manufacturer’s warranties too.


Try and fix it by yourself


This sounds crazy but it works sometime. We can’t stress enough that you should only try and fix your own screen if you’ve got some experience working with electronics in the past. If you mess up a repair, you can break your phone entirely, invalidate the warranty and end up with a super high repair bill.


We don’t suggest you to fix your phone by yourself if you are bad on electronic repair. If you have the skills, it is possible to replace a screen yourself. All you need is the components, the right tools and a reliable guide to follow. No matter what, you should remember that this takes a lot of skill and it isn’t always the cheapest option either.


Sell it on the free market


This may be the last thing we do if it is really no choice. We buy phones even if the screen is cracked, and you’d be surprised how much they’re worth. Sometimes, it’s worth just selling your phone and spending the cash on a new device instead of expensive repairs. Besides, there are refurbished phone on sale in the market. You may also purchase one with good addiction and low price like a new brand.


In a word, there are many choices for you if your phone screen is cracked. Choosing one of them wisely to make the best benefit is the most important. Cellphone Age is an online store for cellphone repair, here we offer LED display touch screen for replacement. You may check this out on our website.