When to Get Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

When faced with flight delays and cancellations it is only logical that you get a refund for the airfare, but many airlines in the EU will not budge. Many people give up and rant on social media, but do nothing to get their refund if they are entitled to it. One of the ways is to enlist the services of a flight delay compensation company to handle the process.

Flight Cancellation and Delay Compensation

Before filing your flight delay compensation request, it is important to know the EU air passenger rights and if they apply in your case. Below are your rights that also guarantee your cancelled flight compensation.

  • If you are flying in the EU irrespective if you are using an EU or a non-EU airline
  • If the flight lands in the EU from outside of the EU member countries with the flight operated by an EU airline
  • If your flight leaves the EU to a non-EU country and operated by either an EU or a non-EU airline

You will find these and more rights displayed by the check-in desk or on the internet.

When to Forfeit Compensation

You ought to forfeit the airline delay compensation especially in the following situations.

Bad Weather: - The airline will delay flights in the case of bad weather this extends to incoming aircrafts as well as the weather at your destination. Do not demand compensation due to bad weather, it is for your own safety not to fly.

 Airport equipment failures: - Equipment at the airport may fail at any time and unplanned maintenance maybe effected by the management. Since the delay is not in your airline’s control, do not expect any compensation.

Multiple schedule changes: - If your airline notifies you of a delay in your flight, you ought to be at the departure gate at the original time you were supposed to board your flight. There are occasions that the airline informs you of a flight delay then circumstances changes and the flight reverts to the normal schedule. When you miss the flight, you are not entitled to a reimbursement.

Air traffic control: - There are more planes in the air than ever before, these means that the air traffic control team is busier than usual. If their landing and taking off pattern is full, do not expect compensation since any inbound aircrafts will not land unless they give clearances

You own Schedule: - If you miss your flight because of personal schedule, out rightly, you do not have a reason to expect compensation from the airline.

In conclusion, when it comes to requesting for compensation, it is best to keep it brief, do not be emotional and know what you want. Importantly, speak to the right person and have all the documentation required to support your complaint.

Blueway Limited is a UK company that has initiated Flight Delay Refunds to assist EU passengers in successful compensation claims even for past flights. They recognise that there is a lot of reluctance amongst airlines to compensate passengers and help you recover the reimbursement you are entitled to. For more information please get in touch with them at: www.flightdelayrefunds.com