Who are the most popular stores in Australia for Scandinavian design toys and decor?


I still remember my childhood bedroom, with its dark green carpet and floral print wallpaper. It was what came with the house and whilst we weren’t considered poor, the household budget would never allow for a room make over. Unlike today, my parents never really put much thought, time or money into the design of our home, though I’m sure that was the norm.

When it comes to family values, Swedes have it right. Less stuff, more meaning. Less clutter, more consideration. The epitome of less is more. Scandinavian design directly reflects these values throughout Swedish homes. They understand how important it is to begin teaching the “less is more” philosophy at an early age.

With a hunger for innovation & a new generation of flair, Nordic Design is taking over our homes. There's something very special about the Scandi -style, it is both minimalist, yet cosy and comfortable. Instead of decorating each room separately, the entire space is usually considered as a whole and creates continuity so that one area of the home flows into another without a break. This makes the home feel like one large space with different functional zones. Rather than individual poky rooms with negatively contrasting themes.

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to find Children’s Toy’s and Décor that are classic, kid-friendly and not too obvious when it comes to branding. Children prize their favorite movie, sports & television characters and it’s these very heroes that the kiddies often desire to obtain in toy form and lots of it. This can make the space look more like the toy section of a department store rather than a unique child-friendly space that blends in with the rest of the home.

Many of us who deal with the internet and in particular social media, have a love for scandi Children’s Toy’s and Décor for their spaces. Simple but interesting furniture’s, white walls, black and bright colours in the detail, natural wooden materials, ingenuity and surprise elements is the recipe for success. Whilst monochrome is a highly popular trend at the moment, it can be surprisingly tricky to get right. To achieve a fine balance you can add soft tones & textures such as wooden toys and furnishings, a fun wallpaper or contrasting prints. Not only does it unify the space but it keeps it interesting and appealling to the young ones and does not restrict you to one overly coordinated theme. Once again simplicity doesn’t have to be anything negative. Maybe the “less is more” rule should be more applied by interior designers, now more than ever.
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