Why Buy Quality Backlinks?

Ranking Your Site was founded to help business owners have a vehicle in which to rank their websites.
 If you have a website, you obviously have something to sell whether it is a product or a service. How are you helping drive traffic to your site?
 Search Engine Optimization will flip the coin around and bring quality traffic to you, but how do you successfully optimize your website? You read the SEOexpert’s blogs, you watch the videos, you look through social media, but it leaves your spinning. Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, SEO, Local SEO, Penguin, Panda, Google, On Site SEO, Off Site SEO, Directories, Forums, and it go on and on. Really, the world of Google is enough to make any business owner, or Marketing Manager’s head explode.
 Deliver Quality, Receive Quality
 There is a simple method, albeit, not an easy one. Deliver QUALITY, and RECIEVE QUALITY… let me explain.
 Really, it is simple. Make sure your website is QUALITY. Make sure your CONTENT is QUALITY. Make sure your SOCIAL MEDIA is QUALITY. Then… make sure you have QUALITY BACKLINKS.
 A quality backlink is a link to your website from another “quality” site. There is an EASY way to look and make sure that a website is a quality site. MOZ has a great tool to check domain authority. We use the MOZ plug-in hourly. So buy high quality backlinks only!
 Domain Authority, Step One
 First, you need to make sure the domain authority is good. We recommend a domain authority of at least a 50 but the higher, the better.
 Spam Score, Step Two
 Secondly, you want to check the spam score, which is also a part of the MOZ plug-in. Again, we have a recommendation, and that is a spam score of 3 or under. Of course the lower the spam score, is the better.
 Quality Reader Experience, Step Three
 Then, you want to check to see if at least the section of the website that is backlinking to your website pertains to YOUR INDUSTRY. This is where so many different SEO Experts get it wrong. They will backlink to a site in which has nothing to do with their industry. Check out the Google webmaster guidelines. Are you adding quality to the reader’s experience by having a backlink direct people to your site from a site that has nothing to do with your industry? I think not, and in my humble opinion, this is a big crack in which many SEO “gurus” fall.
 What Next?
 So if you find a site that is willing to backlink to your website, it has a good domain authority, it has a good spam score, and it pertains to your industry USE IT! Write something that will add to the reader’s experience, possibly help them in some way and backlink what you have written to your website. It will help your rank with Google, more people will find your site organically, and in the end, if more people are finding you, sales should increase.