Why is Ghost Music Production Still Relevant in 2017?

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  Ghost production has always been there, although not many people talked about it in its earlier years. It was like taboo that the topic is ever mentioned, was always met with awkwardness. If it’s been talked about, it was always with contempt and frustration. But many people are now becoming more open-minded about ghost music production.

Ghost music production is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, given the right circumstances and direction, ghost music producers can even earn a lucrative amount from their work. Music production is based on a contract, in which, if everything goes smoothly, can create a win-win situation for both the DJ and producer.

1. Collaboration is a Huge Thing What many people don’t realize is that in some cases, the name of the ghost producer is credited to the track. He is often referred as the music engineer or other similar names, but the point is, the track was created out of collaboration of two or more artists. You can’t expect for the main artist to just demand or come up with an idea and wait for the product to materialize. He still needs to work side-by-side with the co-producer in order to create an excellent track.

2. EDM Is Expanding, Artists Need to Catch Up

EDM is no longer lurking underground. It has earned its sweet spot in the music industry. The growing demands for new music and gigs can put a lot of pressure to an artists that it’s sometimes undeniable that he needs a hand. Having a producer to focus on some of his tracks will help the artist catch up with production as well as stock on his own physical and mental energy to entertain the fans. Suffice to say, it gives an artist some extra time to focus on other aspects of his business while maintaining the quality of his tracks.

3. Ghost Production Allows for Entry of Fresher and Newer Ideas

Artists do get stuck and sometimes, all they need is a nudge to the right direction. Working with a co-producer helps inject new and fresher sounds to the track, improve on quality and the tracks’ overall value. In fact, it’s not so surprising to see artists working with another in certain phases of music production.

If the goal is to create professional-sounding and high-quality track, any help would be welcome, including working with a ghost producer. These are all telling signs that ghost music production is here to stay this year. And hopefully, it will be received more positively for the years to come.     Become Ghost Producer   Sources: info.dcc-studios.com