Why Hire a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney?


Hidden Damages

When considering whether or not to hire a Glendale personal injury attorney, you should consider your life's experience. As you've grown older, you've learned things. As a child you didn't even know what you didn't even know. You didn't know there were questions you should be asking. You didn't even know what to ask. As you became an adult, you realized the dearth of your perceived knowledge, and how big the world really is. If you've never been in an accident due to the negligence of another individual, you are in a situation that requires experience--experience you can't come by naturally, except through practice of legal defense in the event of a personal injury.


Negligence takes many forms, and not properly obtaining a settlement isn't just bad for you, it could be bad for the entire community. Consider the Michigan water scandal that made waves in 2016 and 2015. People's lives and health could have been saved if the afflicted individuals found proper representation sooner. It's not just corporations and other citizens who may injure you through negligence, it's the very government itself. If you don't file a case when you've been injured in such a way, you can be sure others will likely face injury as well. In some ways, finding solid personal injury representation acts as a patriotic check-and-balance on society.


What To Look For In Representation

Don't pay a dime for representation that doesn't obtain you a settlement. Don't pay a dime for any initial consultation. When you bring the injury you've sustained due to another party's negligence before an attorney, they should be able to tell you whether or not they can attain you a settlement, and you shouldn't be charged for it. An attorney that tries to force money out of the injured is an attorney who doesn't have a strong track record in court, and so must turn to underhanded business tactics in order that ends meet.


Look for, in a firm ten or more years in age, at least $100 million in successfully obtained settlements. The more settlements a legal firm can obtain, the more extensive and regularly successful their litigation becomes, meaning you are looking at a more secure option if settlements are regularly high.


Look for at least ten years' experience. An offshoot of a well-established firm is fine, so long as it has a strong, experienced root. Don't let justice pass you by. Find a Glendale personal injury attorney that will represent you as you deserve to be represented.

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