Why Sites Like HotorNot Are Bad for Society

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There are plenty of sites that allow strangers to judge other people on their appearance. The funny thing is that this happens with the consent of the person being judged. Well, we got news for you, judging people is WRONG.


The most well known of these types of sites is known as HotorNot.This site has been around since the year 2000. You can access it on both desktop and mobile platforms. HotorNot was the site that brought the concept of judging and being judged by strangers into vogue.


Nobody gave anyone the right to judge people based on their appearance. Attraction should only be the concern of the two people that are involved in a relationship. Usually, that has nothing to do with their looks. An old woman once said that appearance is important only for the first ten minutes of a date.


Even if you date the hottest model on the planet, if there is no chemistry, it will fail. On the other hand, even if a person isn't attractive — if they have charisma and charm — you can develop an attraction to them over time. That happens more often than you think. If appearance was everything, everyone would do their best to look like Ken and Barbie. Well, in the real world that never happens.


The whole idea behind sites like HotorNot is that someone you have never met in your life can make a judgment on how good you look. The funny thing is that thousands of people care about the opinion of strangers when it comes to their appearance while ignoring the opinion of those who actually know them.


In order to make an accurate judgment about someone, you should know them. This is the only way to know if that person should be close to you or not. Looks have nothing to do with it.


The real reasons why people join sites like HotorNot are vanity and stupidity. If you are hitting the gym seven days a week and you have a nice body and you know it — you shouldn't need strangers to validate you. On the other hand, if you want to know what people think of you, start by asking people that already know you. You shouldn't involve strangers in the equation. If something happens to you, the ones that will take care of you are the people that are close to you. Their opinion is the one that matters. Listen to them and stop caring if you are Hot Or Not on a silly hookup site.