Why You Should Consider Windows Platform For VPS?

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In recent years, virtualization has become one of the most important technologies in the hosting industry. One of the excellent platforms developed for this technology is Windows from Microsoft. Windows VPS can be considered as the perfect solution for those who are looking for convenience, control and lower cost solutions for their hosting requirements. Convenience is provided by powerful control panels like Plesk that let you control the features offered and have benefits in terms of costs.

This article talks about some of the important reasons on why you should consider Windows VPS as your next choice.

1. Excellent value
The cost of a VPS is always lesser than the cost of a dedicated server. The only advantage is that, it offers many of the same benefits. Instead of renting a too expensive physical server to run applications and host websites, it is better to choose a VPS and save enough money. Because the Windows Server platform is drawing to take full advantage of computer resources, you can have multiple benefits of customization and performance, which makes this hosting solution something of value to most users.

2. Convenience
VPS hosting on Windows platform offers spectacular convenience. The user enjoys multiple benefits, such as guaranteed system resources and burstable RAM, developers can perform critical tasks in a simple way. For example, with the right software tools, you can easily generate image and text, so as to obtain an efficient content management system. In addition to this, it offers optimal use of resources and management when compared to shared hosting environments. Even if you are in a situation that is reaching the limits of guaranteed features, the VPS packages offer extra RAM - known as burstable RAM, increases the memory capacity of RAM of your VPS and allows you to continue working without problem.

3. Applications
With Windows VPS, webmasters and programs in general can easily configure and install their own applications. In addition to this, Windows is also typically equipped with ASP or ASP.NET, where both are used to create applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Apart from this, the Windows VPS hosting accounts also come integrated with technologies such as JavaScript, Python, PHP and Cold Fusion. The Windows and virtualization platform has become a spectacular combination in the hosting industry.